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Don’t be delusional


March 19, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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I got a good laugh reading Robert J. Kowalski’s March 11 letter, “U.S. has 1 hope.”

In his missive, Kowalski claims America is “going to hell,” because a Mitt Romney win in the last election would have been a victory for Christianity and of good over evil.

“Fifty-one percent of voters rejected God and embraced evil,” he wrote.

First, Romney is a Mormon, and Mormons are not Christians, from a fundamentalist theological perspective. Aside from his devotion to a well-established, yet cultish, religion, Romney showed his true self when he spoke of his disdain for a full 47 percent of Americans.

That’s quite a lot of people to be written off by anyone with a Christian spirit and love of Jesus’ works.

Then there’s the other half of the Romney ticket, Paul Ryan, who claims to be a Catholic but clearly worships at the altar of the world’s most influential atheist, Ayn Rand.

Ryan speaks often of his devotion to Rand and her anti-altruism stance. Just look at Ryan’s latest budget plan. It takes from the poor and gives to the rich, without any real deficit reductions.

It merely mirrors the atheistic “me first” moralism of Rand’s books such as “Atlas Shrugged.”

If you believe America is “going to hell,” that’s your opinion.

If you believe America is going to hell because Romney lost the election, you’re delusional.

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