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Article published February 13, 2013


The following divorces were granted in January by Butler County Courts:
Lita Uy of Butler from Theodore Uy of Sewickley
Robert Cutts of Cranberry Township from Mary Cutts of Cranberry Township
Kathy Olenic of Butler from Martin Olenic Jr. of Butler
Eric Nagy or Butler from Elaine Nagy of Renfrew
John Vereb of Gibsonia from Christy Vereb of Butler
Timothy McCalman of Butler from Carrie McCalman of Butler
Cindy Norris of Evans City from Jonathan Norris of Butler
Cody Blake of Hilliards from Rose Blake of Eau Claire
Maryclare Maslyn of Slippery Rock from Eric Tuten of Slippery Rock
Brenda Horniacek of Butler from Stephen Horniacek of Butler
Renee Anderson of Butler from David Anderson of Butler
Walter Lorenz Jr. of Cranberry Township from Donna Lorenz of Cranberry Township
Jessie Miller of Evans City from Steven Miller of Evans City
Christa Lindenberger of Slippery Rock from Brandon Lindenberger of Chicora
Carol Schaeffer of Evans City from Russell Schaeffer of Millvale
Dana Crispen of Petrolia from Robert Crispen of Petrolia
Laryssa Dittman of Butler and Cal Dittman of Fenelton
William Hudanick of Harmony from Marilou Hudanick of Harmony
Melissa Cumblidge of Butler from Kevin Cumblidge of Butler
Paul Claypoole of Butler from Christine Claypoole of Butler
Timothy Klamer of Butler from Ashlee Klamer of Butler
William Hiles of Petrolia from Candice Hiles of Butler
Candace Zahren of Zelienople from Scott Zahren of Renfrew
Oksana Laprade of Cranberry Township from Christopher Laprade of Cranberry Township
Bethany Yusko of Butler from William Yusko Jr. of Slippery Rock
Tina Yakimicki of Slippery Rock from Jeffery Yakimicki
Shawna Martin of Slippery Rock from Jason Martin of Slippery Rock
Alicia Nichols of Mars from Paul Nichols of Mars
Matthew Hatfield of Cranberry Township from Rebecca Hatfield of Cranberry Township
Theresa Cook of Evans City from Raymond Cook III of Butler