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Back spending reforms


February 7, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Over the past several months, particularly during the “fiscal cliff” fiasco, I saw a number of letters from people on the left that failed to acknowledge one thing: We are facing the biggest problem of this generation — an out-of-control debt crisis that has been made exponentially worse by our current president.

I saw Congressman Paul Ryan on Meet the Press, and he was very articulate about the challenges we face.

Time and time again, Ryan and many of his House colleagues, including Congressman Mike Kelly, R-3rd, have put forward and passed budgets and spending reforms to put our country back on a path to solvency. For four years the Senate has failed to act, but says it will this year.

Hopefully, this will lead to a debate in this country over our fiscal future.

Both sides know they aren’t going to get everything they want, but we have to chart a different course. It is my hope the people of southwestern Pennsylvania will rally behind the spending reforms Ryan and Kelly are seeking.

I, for one, will be.

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