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January 23, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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A deadly ill wind, originating in the District of Columbia and traveling very far and wide, has the potential to spread mayhem and death across our once great nation.

It is the ill wind of tyranny. Since the senseless slaying of 26 innocent victims in Connecticut by a mentally disturbed man, gun control has been at the forefront in every forum in America. I have participated in and observed several polls concerning gun control, and if the polls are correct, and if the disciples of President Barack Obama try to have their way, I believe there will be war.

So far the liberal politicians have not told the truth, which is that they fear an armed citizenry.

The citizens of this nation are angry. The nation is approaching $17 trillion in debt; there’s another $80 trillion in unfunded liability for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; there is 8 percent unemployment and rising tax rates to redistribute the wealth; 47 million people are on welfare; and illegals cross our borders at will.

The Department of Homeland Security has been buying armored vehicles, fully automatic weapons, and millions of rounds of ammunition. In short, our own government is planning for war against us.

I fear that Obama and his ilk do not realize that millions of people, just like me, have been simmering on the sidelines, patiently waiting for his term or terms to expire, in hope that he would not touch what is both necessary and sacred to millions of us — the right to keep and bear arms.

If the folks in Washington, D.C., think that the Second Amendment is just about hunting, they are making a terrible mistake. The Second Amendment is what separates the citizens, who actually are in charge, from the deadheaded politicians who serve us, and thieves, who are one in the same.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are clear, and we do not see these sacred documents blurred as tyrannical politicians do.

I am just one of a sea of patriots who will exercise our Second Amendment right against any tyrannical force that the Obama administration sets forth to disarm us.

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