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“Glenny” Oesterling, Jr.

January 16, 2013 In Memoriams

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“Glenny” Oesterling, Jr.


“Glenny” Oesterling, Jr.

Born August 15, 1957went to Heaven January 16, 2005

My dearest Glenny,

I can’t believe it’s been eight years since Jesus took your hand and said “Come my son, you’ve suffered enough. I’m taking you home”.

I was holding you and my cheek was beside yours on the pillow. The nurse said he’s gone. You didn’t go alone the family was all there. I was heartbroken and tears were falling but for a few seconds I was able to see your face. You had a peaceful smile, and I know you went straight to Heaven and your Dad was waiting for you.

When you were alive you and Dad were buddies. Most of our families were there and you were the mascot of our huge family. They all loved you dearly. Don’t think for a minute that you and Dad are forgotten. I think of you every day. You are not gone, only away.

Through all your braces, casts and surgeries, you were still pleasant and you never lost your smile.

Your life span was 15 to 25 years. God was so good, he left us have you 47 years.

It wasn’t long after you were born we knew we had a special earth angel. You loved your God, Jesus and Blessed Mother. You always prayed for those in need.

You left us with a lot of good memories. You went through high school and the other students were wonderful to you. They would push your wheelchair and joke with you. You were witty.

You, Dad and the rest of our families pray for us down here, you are dearly loved and greatly missed. It won’t be too long we’ll be together again.

Give Dad a hug and kiss and tell him we couldn’t have had a better dad or husband.

Bye for now.

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