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Donation thwarted

January 15, 2013 Letters to the Editor

About two weeks before Christmas, I tried to donate three large bags of clothing and Christmas decorations to the Salvation Army on Route 8.

When I rang the bell, a woman answered. I explained that I had a donation.

I tried to explain that in the bags were brand-new men’s pants with the tags still on them.

In addition, I had two misses-size formal dresses that only had been worn once, and that I had had dry-cleaned. Those were on hangers, with the dry-cleaning bag still on them.

I also had a brand-new men’s suit on a hanger in the bag that it came in, with the tags still on.

The Christmas decorations consisted of a large glass vase and several other items.

It was raining that day, and the woman instructed me to place the items in one of the large metal bins behind the building. I tried to explain again that some of the items were brand-new and would get ruined in that container.

She repeated that they had to go into that bin so they could be sorted.

At that point I told her to forget it, and that I would take my items to the Goodwill Store, where donations are appreciated.

Is this really the way that the Salvation Army operates? I have lost all respect for it.