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‘Change’ changed lives


January 9, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Six months ago, my triplet children Jordan, Marni and Kayla began raising money to purchase iPads for Kayla’s classroom.

Kayla is autistic and nonverbal. The iPad has changed her life and ours dramatically.

Through special apps on the iPad, Kayla is able to communicate her wants and needs. The iPad speaks for her. It is her voice.

Their project, called “CHANGE 4 CHANGE,” was about asking people for their spare change, which would be used to help change the life of a child with special needs. Through people’s generosity, they were able to raise enough money to purchase four iPads for Kayla’s classroom.

Having iPads in her classroom will help so much with each student’s individual learning needs.

We will continue our fundraising efforts until each of the seven students in her junior high class has an iPad (only three more to go).

Thanks are in order to everyone who helped support their project. Their change really did, and will continue to, help change lives.

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