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Words’ meaning stolen


January 8, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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I’ve been robbed!

I was first robbed in the 1970s when the hippies decided to take the word “love” and twist it around. It started out as a word to describe devotion and commitment, and ended up as a replacement for “lust.” Now we no longer “love” someone, but a person “makes love” to another person.

I was robbed a second time when the word “gay” lost its original meaning. “Don we now our gay apparel” goes the old-time Christmas carol. Now, “gay” is a word stolen and redefined to describe a disorientation of sexual identity.

The third robbery currently is in progress. The word “marriage” is being hijacked and redefined. Pictures of two “grooms” in tuxedos or two “brides” dressed in white involved in a mockery of a wedding ceremony are appearing in newspapers. That is scandalous. True marriage is the legal, physical, emotional and spiritual union between one man and one woman — period.

True marriage between one man and one woman is a sacred union. God designed this union to be so special that new life is produced as a result — a baby.

This core family is the basis of community life. It must not be tampered with.

Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ, born of Mary and born into a family with a mother and father. The Holy Bible pictures this Jesus Christ as a Bridegroom in Heaven, awaiting His Bride, the Christian Church.

Any cultural attempt to redefine marriage must be resisted.

Same-sex ceremonies probably will continue. Some states have legalized same-sex unions.

But any ceremony that is performed to legitimize these unions is not a marriage.

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