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There’s still goodness


January 8, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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A recent letter in the Butler Eagle prompted me to share my own experience regarding the goodness of people.

On Sept. 2, my purse was stolen from church. It was an inconvenience but I was neither angry nor upset. I believe God is in control of all that happens in my life, for my good and His glory, so I left the matter in His hands.

On Oct. 6, a man from Mercer called, saying he had found my purse while walking on his property. He was able to reach me by getting my phone number from my checkbook.

I drove to meet him in Mercer. We talked a bit. I thanked him greatly and wished him God’s blessings, saying that for all the not-so-good-and-honest people in our world there are many more who are good and honest.

His reply to me was “we need to take care of each other.”

His comment is one we should do well to think about.

This man could have ignored my purse or thrown it away because of the soggy, dirty condition it was in. However, he chose to do an act of kindness and return it.

Our world is in a mess, and God is in control. One day He will settle it all.

The spirit of Christmas inspires us to be a little kinder and more giving, but why not all year through.

I know there are many ways that many people are reaching out to those with great needs in these times. But I think maybe sometimes we think if we can’t do a lot, we don’t do much at all.

As we think about the poor, sick, lonely, needy and homeless, we shouldn’t forget that the smallest act or word of kindness can mean so much — like returning a soggy, dirty purse.

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