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No room to criticize


January 7, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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After listening to Itzi Meztli condemning Jim Eckstein at every Butler County commissioners meeting, I felt compelled to find out more about Meztli.

I found a website — ratemyprofessor.com — that is used by students to communicate their thoughts to other students about college professors they might want to take classes from or avoid.

I found 42 comments about Meztli. Twenty-seven students said he was very easy; eight said he was funny; 13 said he was anti-white; four said he rambles; five said he goes off topic; and four said he was awful.

Meztli also is paid by taxpayers — the same as Eckstein.

If the student comments are only half-true, I feel Meztli hasn’t any room to criticize anyone for not doing a good job.

Eckstein might not use all the right words, but he is doing the job he was elected to do.

When one political party has control for too long, someone is needed to shake things up.

Meztli said Eckstein put a lockbox in his office in late-night hours. Was he lurking in the halls at night, or being fed inside wrong information?

Eckstein said he took it in with the sheriff during the day.

Who is the liar?

With all the spies, I also would have a lockbox.

Why would this guy change his name to Itzi Meztli.

I hope Eckstein keeps up the good work.

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