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Reject school tax hike


January 5, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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The Dec. 2 article “Butler (School District) budget brings up tax issue” should have awakened district residents about how our school property taxes are being irresponsibly spent.

It is outrageous that administrators are being paid salaries of more than $120,000. And, why do the schools need more than two principals?

People need to demand accountability from our school board for the heavy burden placed on low- and fixed-income people in this economy. Top administrators, principals and teachers need to realize they are overburdening all property tax payers.

Board members do not realize that many people cannot have their wallets drained any further. It is unconscionable to expect more money from taxpayers in this unstable economy.

Why should folks have to lose their homes because others want to hog the comforts and luxuries of life at the expense of people who barely are making ends meet — especially elderly homeowners.

As a struggling taxpayer, I demand that board members reject a 2013-14 tax increase.

Teachers, principals and top administrators should offer to take a reduced salary so others can keep their homes.

These are very hard times, and I fear they are going to get harder. Thus, everyone should share the pain and sacrifice, for the good of those less fortunate.

It’s time to switch to a sales tax to fund school districts. That would be a fairer, more equitable way to pay for education.

It’s important that district taxpayers remember the names of board members who vote for tax increases. We need to vote them out of office.

We need sensible board members who will curb the excessive amounts of money being paid to administrators and teachers alike.

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