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Ticking time bomb

January 3, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I read the diatribe spewed out against Carol Savage’s astute and intelligent Dec. 12 letter to the editor. Below are some comments.

We now have a catastrophic mess where the government doles out benefits using our money — and politicians not knowing why they should not spend more than they take in. We’re $16 trillion in the hole.

Now, the piper must be paid. No one said this was easy — however it has to be done. If not, we face disaster and potential anarchy in the not-too-distant future. The real problem is that our so-called leaders attempted to alleviate too much imagined pain over the past 77 years. We now have a time bomb approaching.

There is no way to extricate the U.S. from an impending revolution other than make more people start taking more responsibility for themselves.

We are fortunate to live in a country where a Constitution guarantees freedom from thought crimes. However, the original deal was that you existed for yourself and not the state. Whereas communism is based on people existing for the state.

In the U.S., you were responsible for yourself and to be self-reliant. That changed in 1935, with the New Deal.

By the 1960s, our government was able to ply untold amounts from us commoners, supporting the newest mandates for social change. Unfortunately, lawmakers forgot the common sense idea of not offering benefits that cost more than receipts.

Millions of Americans have now lost personal freedom of choice where charity no longer begins at home, but rather with our so-called government leaders.

President Barack Obama understands none of this. With his introverted, yet arrogant persona, he will insist Republicans bow to his Progressive will and further redistribution of our nation’s wealth.

It is not his wealth to give away. His thinking is at odds with the business and industrial world — the true entities that always have made America exceptional and great. It’s not been the government.