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Obama record pathetic

January 1, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Where is the outrage? President Barack Obama criticizes and demonizes those who have made money. At least they are spending their money.

He also has said there needs to be more sacrifice. Where is his sacrifice? What about his 21-day vacation at a cost of $4 million — that is, $4 million in taxpayers’ dollars?

In recent weeks we’ve been told that we will be going over the fiscal cliff unless taxes are raised for the rich. Did the president ever hear of simple vacations, or to just stay home in the White House and perform his duties as president?

I have no problem with the First Family taking a vacation — but a $4 million vacation! That seems excessive.

He probably has played golf, campaigned and vacationed more than he has been in the White House. Has he thought about those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy, or those still unemployed?

We do not have a tax problem; we have a spending problem. It seems the more we spend, the more programs he wants to add.

We live on a budget. Where is his budget? The Democrats, who control the Senate, have failed to pass a budget for several years.

The president’s track record is pathetic.

He favors extensions to unemployment benefits, but if people have been unemployed for two years, they could have trained for a new career by now.

Unless we change course, the problems in Europe will be the kind we have.