santa's mailbag
If your letter isn't here, don't worry! We will be posting more in the upcoming weeks.
Dear Santa,
Hi our names are Zachary, Kolby, and Tyler Blair! We are 9, 5,and 3 years old and we live in Karns City! We all want to thank you for all the great stuff you brought us last year, we loved everything! We have been trying really hard to be good this year, but sometimes we do fight.... With 4 brothers in this family sometimes that happens! Yep, there are 4 of us boys, but our older brother Cameron,who is 12, thinks he is too old to write a letter to Santa!!! We are all leaving it up to you to bring whatever you want us to have and we’re sure we’ll like it! You know what we like!!! Thanks again for everything from last year, we love you and will leave goodies out for you! Don’t forget our Mom and Dad please, cause they are the best!!!
Zachary, 9, Kolby, 5, and Tyler, 3, Blair
Karns City

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