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Dear Ho-Ho,
Hello and Merry Christmas! I am 4 years old this year and just learning how to finally talk. Aunt Steph is helping me to write this letter because I haven’t learned how to write yet. I hope Mrs. Clause, the elf’s and the reindeers are doing well. My family is busy as always around this time of year. Daddy and Mommy have been telling me that I have been a good girl, so I wanted to ask you for a few things this year for Christmas. I would like...
1. A new Christmas Dress with nice Christmas Shoes
2. A Pretty Baby Doll
3. New Learning Games
4. Of course Candy
5. Bubble Bath
6. A Princess Castle with a Princess Dress
Those are a few things I would like this year for Christmas. Ola and Granddad said that when I’m good I get snowflakes so I’m hoping for snowflakes this year on Christmas. Please bring my family nice gifts this year. I will have milk with cookies out for you and tell the reindeers I will have carrots in the yard for them. Thank you for everything Ho-Ho and I Love You. Merry Christmas!!
Kara I. Ace, 4 years

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