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Dear Santa,
Hi! My name is C.J. and this is my very first Christmas! I am so excited and I can’t wait! Since I am only 6 months I am having my Aunt Stephie write this letter to you because she loves me! I am not sure what to ask for since this is my first Christmas but Daddy and Mommy is giving me ideas...for Christmas I would like to have...
1. Some Noisy Toys with Blinky Lights
2. New Sippy Cups
3. A New Christmas Outfit with Shoes
4. A Hunting Outfit to be like Daddy
5. Yummy Baby Food
Thats all I’m really asking for this Christmas. Please remember to bring my family nice gifts especially my cousin Kara. Kara said she will help me to leave milk and cookies out for you and carrots for the reindeer since you all like them. Ola and Granddad said I have been good and I get snowflakes like Kara when I’m good, I’m not sure what they are but I hope I get to see them on Christmas! I hope all is well at home with everyone and I can’t wait to meet you. Merry Christmas Santa and I Love You!
C.J. Ace, 6 months
Eau Claire

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