santa's mailbag
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Dear Santa,
Wow, another year has gone by. How are you and the Mrs. and the elves and reindeer? Hope all are well. Well this year I’m really into the Ninja Turtles so anything that has to do with the turtles I would like. I also like video games and cutting paper and coloring so some crayons, paper and scissors would be great. Also if you could bring my two older brothers, Tyler and Austin, some video games and clothes that would be great too! As for my mom and dad well they could just us some peace and quiet from us kids. Also Santa I know you can’t do much but send my grandma an extra present this year for she is very sick. Be safe Santa! P.S. Don’t worry the cookies and milk will be waiting for you and carrots for your reindeer!
Zachary Fester, 4,

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