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Article published November 26, 2012

Matilda “Dolly” Ruby

Matilda “Dolly” Ruby, 4

Dear Santa,
I have been as good this year as I could be. For Christmas I would seriously be happy,you know, if you could bring me everything I want. I know you know what all I want cause my mommy says you know everything. Ps I heard you last year leaving the presents and it woke me up. Mom asked if this year you could be a little quieter cause I was so excited I didn’t want to go back to sleep. I guess that’s why she was so tried and falling asleep all day last Christmas day. I don’t know why dad was tired though. Merry Christmas Santa! Give the reindeer a hug, and kiss for me. I would wait for you to give it to them myself but mom says I am not allowed! Tell your wife a said hello and Merry Christmas! Have a safe trip santa!