santa's mailbag
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Dear Santa,
How are you? How is Rudolph? How are the elves? I am a good girl most of the time, but mommy and daddy tell me I need to stop throwing tantrums. I am trying so hard, I hope you see. I promise to try and be nicer to my mommy, daddy, brother and sister too! Thank you so much for the toys you brought me last year! This year, I would like a Doc McStuffins check up doll, an Innotab2 with games, and some barbies and whatever else you bring me. I will leave you some oreos and milk. Please share them with Rudolph. P.S. My big brother Austin has been a good brother. He wants zombie movies, Wii games,a football, legos, and a pellet gun. Please bring him eye protection so he doesn’t shoot his eye out!
Bailey Cyphert, 4

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