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Get Benghazi truth

November 24, 2012 Letters to the Editor

The “Blind Sheik” planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which wants him released, met in the White House with President Barack Obama before Sept. 11 of this year. Why?

Obama could not release/pardon the Blind Sheik. However, Obama could have traded him for a kidnapped American ambassador and be hailed a hero by the press and many Americans just before an election.

Everything that was done concerning the Benghazi attack would have aided the Muslims in capturing the ambassador:

Don’t increase security. Order the SEALs to “stand-down.” Relieve the U.S. Army general who wanted to rescue the Americans. Refuse to allow an AC-47 (DC-3) gunship to provide needed air support. Watch the videos and listen to the frantic pleas for help — but do nothing. Where was the president? Why were there no pictures of him with his staff — like there were when the SEALs went after Osama bin Laden?

Why did Obama leave the White House the next day without knowing the ambassador’s status? Was this all planned? Did the fleeing of the ambassador to a “safe room” foil a kidnapping? Did the potential kidnappers make an unplanned “mistake” by using fire to try to force the ambassador’s surrender?

We need Congress to investigate.

The election is over. Now get the truth, no matter where it leads.