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We took Iwo for this?

My dad was tough. As a 20-year-old Marine, he participated in, and survived, the battle of Iwo Jima, America’s bloodiest battle of World War II.
And my dad had a defined set of core values. His beliefs in faith, family, hard work and the sensibility to know right from wrong became “guardrails” for my life.
I used to fight against those guardrails but now, years later, I’m thankful they were there.
But this last election showed clearly that the majority of Americans don’t want any guiderails on their lives.
The Republican Party has been portrayed as being an obstacle to what America can be if they’d just step aside and give the Obama administration free rein.
So, I say, sure, why not?
My suggestion is that House Speaker John Boehner step up to the microphone and tell President Barack Obama, “Whatever you want, you got it. Send it to us and we will sign off on it.”
Abortion? Absolutely. No restrictions at all. You want to end your pregnancy at any point, even after you go into labor, sure, go for it. After all, it’s your body, right?
Marriage? Two men, two women? No problem. Hey, you want to marry three men? Or how about your cousin? Who are we to judge what real love is anyway?
Immigration? No borders. You want in? Come on over. And bring all your kids, grandma and whoever else who just wants a life in the United States. Those of us still working will take care of you.
After all, nobody told our ancestors they couldn’t come here.
Health care? Hey, it’s going to be free anyway so what’s to argue about?
I’m sure a government that can run an enterprise like the Post Office so smoothly can handle something as simple as life-and-death decisions for all Americans. So, let’s move on.
Drugs? Why stop at legalizing marijuana? If that pilot, or airline mechanic, or your kids’ school bus driver has had a little too much of his or her favorite substance and we lose a few folks along the way, well, that’s just the price we’ll pay for this new America.
Yep, it’s a new day, folks. It’s going to be great.
So, why do I still feel like we’ve failed if that 20-year-old Marine could ask me now, “We took Iwo for this?”

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Guy Miklos
Cranberry Township
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