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Dems not for workers

November 19, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Everytime I hear Democrats complain about their opponents shipping jobs to foreign countries, I think back to the early 1960s, when Democrats were in total control in Washington, D.C., and they lowered the import tax, telling us that would help American exports.

The first I remember was exports to Japan; it was jobs then. When their standard of living came up, we shipped jobs to China.

Then Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement; then we sent more jobs to Mexico.

So, who is at fault for jobs going out of the country?

How can anyone say Democrats are for the workingman or woman. Their answer seems to be raise taxes on the worker and give that money to those who won’t work.

They say they’re going to tax the rich, but since they are rich also, they put enough loopholes in so, in the end, the percentage is very low on the total income.

Even though the election is over, this is just a little food for thought.