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Article published November 10, 2012


The following divorces were granted in October by Butler County Courts:
Joseph Bigler of Zelienople from Erin Bigler of Cranberry Township
Paul Fisher of Butler from Kathleen Fisher of Butler
Rachael Beck of Butler from Joshua Beck of Butler
Kristin Buttenfield of Fenelton from Jason Buttenfield of Butler
Michelle Garcia of Butler from Dennis Garcia of Renfrew
Stacey Bowman of Butler from Eric Bowman of Chicora
Joy Gardner of Cabot from Glenn Gardner of Benton, Ky.
Elizabeth Borland of Slippery Rock from Kim Borland of Fort Smith, Ark.
Tina Amos of West Sunbury from Charles Amos of Cabot
Marsha Hempfling of Portersville from Robert Hempfling of Portersville
Nicole Callahan of Cranberry Township from William Callahan of Cranberry Township
Steven Grant of Cranberry Township from Jaimie Grant of Gibsonia
Jennifer Gardner of Butler from Richard Gardner Jr. of Butler
James Ealy of Butler from Karolyn Ealy of Butler
Timothy Martin of Butler from Peggy Martin of Renfrew
Brian Peters of Prospect from Helene Peters of Bremerton, Wash.
Benjamin Snyder of Fenleton from Patricia Snyder Bremerton, Wash.
Alicia Spehar of Mars from Mark Spehar of Gibsonia
Bridgette Dunning of Zelienople from Sean Dunning of Beaver
Deziray Fife of Boyers from Shayne Fife of Sarver
Daniel Rechkemer of Seven Fields from Kasey Rechkemer of Seven Fields
Pamela Potts of Renfrew from David Potts of Renfrew
Heather Lasch of Cranberry Township from Brian Lasch of Cranberry Township
Lisa Robinson of West Sunbury from William Robinson of Prospect
Elan Welter-Lewis of Butler from Mark Lewis of Kittanning
Gregory Bean of Butler from Sherry Bean of Sandy Lake
Gloria Cunningham of Butler from Donald Cunningham Jr. of Butler
Sharon Reed of Butler from Richard Reed of Ridgway
Catherine Smith of Wexford from Richard Smith of Franklin
Kelly Angeletti of Mars from Kenneth Angeletti of Mars
Lorraine Douglass of Mars from Douglas Douglass of Mars
John Gregg Jr. of Butler from Kimberly Gregg of Butler
Abby Barker of Butler from Kenneth Barker of Pittsburgh
Nancy Ansell of Butler from John Cogswell of Mercer
Dana Affolder of Cranberry Township from Patrick Affolder of Cranberry Township
James Frederick of Cranberry Township from Jacklyn Frederick of Cranberry Township
Colette Avondo of Cranberry Township from Robert Avondo II of Cranberry Township
Regina Logan of Butler from David Logan of Butler
Laurie McDonough of Cranberry Township from William McDonough of Cranberry Township
Stephen Miller of Butler from Melissa Miller of Butler
Nicole Young of Sarver from Charles Young of Saxonburg
Michael Moor of Cranberry Township from Rebecca Moore of Cranberry Township.