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Youth needs liver

My son, Adam Snow, is a sophomore at Butler Intermediate High School. He is suffering from acute liver failure and is a patient at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. In order that he survive, time is of the essence that he receive a new liver
There were no indications of a serious problem when he attended a football game a couple of weeks ago. The next day he didn’t feel well; he felt worse the following day. His eyes were a little jaundiced.
We took him to get checked out by a doctor. He was given a blood test and then immediately rushed to Children’s, where liver failure was confirmed.
Apparently an unknown virus had attacked his liver and, after that, the toxins began attacking other parts of his body.
His doctors told us they do not know the cause of the virus. The way it was explained to us was that it could have been a virus in the air and for some reason he was the only one whose immune system could not fight it off.
We are hoping someone with a contact at any hospital will be able to help us find a liver quickly. His blood type is O Negative and he can accept a liver that is O Negative or O Positive. But the good thing is that he also can accept a perfect liver that is from a person with A or B blood type.
If a liver becomes available, the physician to contact is Dr. George Mazariegos, director of transplant at Children’s, at 412-692-6110 or 877-640-6746.

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Linda Cipolla
Butler Township
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