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Dog abandoned


November 6, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I want to alert my fellow citizens to the fact that we have a real lowlife sleaze-ball living among us.

Someone dropped a cardboard box along the road near my house the other day. Yesterday, my brother was working by my barn when he heard a dog barking. Inside the box was a Chihuahua. All that was in the box was a dog bed and an M&M blanket.

The dog was there for two days without food or water, or anything to keep it warm in the cold weather.

The dog’s teeth seem to be rotting and it had very bad breath.

Anyone having information about this dog should get in touch with the Butler County Humane Society, because this person deserves to be found and punished.

Meanwhile, I delivered the dog to the Humane Society on Monday to expedite its adoption.

It’s a shame we don’t know the dog’s medical history or even its name.

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