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Act like men, not kids


November 2, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I have been following the Butler County commissioners’ meetings for some time, and from what I see Commissioners Dale Pinkerton and William McCarrier worry more about Commissioner Jim Eckstein than about running the county government.

When watching the meetings on Channel 10, it appears as if the chairs of Pinkerton and McCarrier are touching each other while Eckstein is off by himself.

Eckstein is looking at things as I do. I need to make ends meet with what I have available to work with.

Pinkerton and McCarrier want to build a new building next to the Government Center. Like Eckstein, I think the county should buy an existing building or lease one.

A new building sounds good, but there’s the old Pullman building that would provide plenty of office space and has parking nearby.

Also, there is the old Shop N Save supermarket building that also has plenty of parking space, as well as plenty of space for offices.

But if the county does build a new building, there should be three to six parking levels built underneath. I worked in Colorado and that is the way the high-rise office buildings were built.

If the county would buy the tier parking garage in connection with constructing the new building, perhaps more levels could be added to the garage, with the county reaping the financial benefits of owning the facility.

Looking ahead to when the commissioners’ seats again are up for election, I think the rules should be changed to stipulate that, rather than having two commissioners from one party and one from the other, there should be one commissioner from the Republican Party, one from the Democratic Party and one independent. With that setup, county government would not be one-sided.

In my opinion, Pinkerton has done nothing for the county.

McCarrer thinks renaming Pullman Viaduct to Picklegate Crossing was important. Many people remember the span as Pullman Viaduct, and I think that former name should be reinstated.

Pinkerton and McCarrier should move their seats back to the middle for meetings and act like men rather than little kids.

All three commissioners need to work together for the good of the county. That is the purpose for which they were elected.

I hope to read letters from other taxpayers about the way county business is being conducted by the current commissioners.

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