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Casey not a leader

October 24, 2012 Letters to the Editor

With all of the recent political campaigns, especially the television ads, I have noticed that there have not been many attacking U.S. Sen. Bob Casey.

However, almost every day, I turn on the TV to see an ad attacking “Tea Party” Tom Smith.

I cannot understand why Casey’s campaign is using Smith’s affiliation with the Tea Party negatively. Just look at what the letters stand for: Taxed Enough Already.

Aren’t the foundations of the Tea Party what we are striving for? Do we really need to be taxed any more than we already are?

I think not.

Casey is a career politician who still is running on his father’s name. That’s the reason he is in office.

Smith’s campaign has called Casey the “Invisible Senator,” a term I have come to fancy.

According to govtrack.us, Casey is a rank-and-file Democrat showing no signs of stepping up to take initiative or leadership.

If there is a vote on nearly any issue, people can bet Casey will just fall in line and vote with all other Democrats.

He hasn’t even stepped up when Pennsylvania has needed him the most.

The unemployment rate has grown 3.6 percent since Casey took office in 2007. So, where has the job growth in the commonwealth been since 2007? It’s probably been hiding out in the grass with Casey, like a snake waiting to strike the citizens of this commonwealth.

That’s why, on Nov. 6, my vote will go to Tom Smith.