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U.S. knows Obama


October 16, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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What an inane volley of tripe A. Randal Smith spewed in his letter of Oct. 9. He said we don’t know who President Barack Obama is, that he has been hiding who he is, an anti-Christian Muslim, and, of course, he wasn’t born in America.

I guess the state of Hawaii put out a false birth certificate on him 51 years ago in the hopes that maybe this baby might be eligible to become president 47 years later.

Speaking of “hiding who he is,” Mitt Romney holds the blue ribbon on that score. He doesn’t reveal what he stands for, or at least he changes his opinion so often we have no idea what he believes.

Smith rants that Obama contradicts his profession of faith by his actions. Let’s look at that:

Obama stands for people helping people, sort of like Jesus did. He cares about the poor; the sick and uninsured; the unjustly judged and oppressed and bullied, like gay people; the millions of auto workers whose jobs and employers he saved with a bailout; the many victims of unregulated and dishonest banking and loans, many of those people having lost their home; women’s right to govern their own lives and bodies, instead of governments taking over such decisions; and, praise God, Obama would not deny people the right to marry the one they love.

Talk about government intervention!

Obama also has sought to bring peace by friendship, by negotiation, by compromise, and by good will. He has been recognized and honored by people of peace around the world.

Oh, we know who he is, and we thank God for him. It is sad that since his inauguration many Republicans have treasonously sought to undermine the positive moves of this president in our time of war and financial crisis.

In my opinion as a retired Presbyterian pastor, Obama is the one we know, inside and out, and who acts and leads like a Christian.

Romney is the one who would erase all of the above and try to create a society where people just let the chips fall where they may, and the disadvantaged slide down and under — while the powerful and rich profit.

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