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Romney poor choice

October 15, 2012 Letters to the Editor

I can’t understand why anybody would vote for Mitt Romney. He’s a wishy-washy flip-flopper.

For instance, he accused President Barack Obama of “throwing Israel under the bus.” Two days after Romney said that, I saw Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu interviewed on television and he stated he has a very good relationship with Obama and has met with him more than any other U.S. president.

However, Romney believes in the age-old tactic of throwing mud and hoping it sticks.

Romney flip-flopped on abortion. He was against it; now he’ll protect it. He tries to tell everybody what they want to hear, hoping the anti-abortion faction still believes he’s pro-life without discovering that he lately flip-flopped to get the pro-choice votes too.

Romney grew up rich and privileged. He has a fortune that is estimated to be at least $250 million.

He owns six homes and dozens of cars. He hides money in foreign bank accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes on that money.

While he was a college student in 1966, Romney’s picture was taken at a counter-protest of students who supported the Vietnam War and military draft. However, Romney applied for and received four exemptions so he wouldn’t be sent to the military.

Thanks to a secretly recorded video from a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser, we all know about Romney’s disdain for “the 47 percent” — Americans who will vote for Obama because they don’t pay taxes and want handouts from the government. That statement was an insult to millions of retired Americans, veterans and the working poor.

Two years ago, I was working and paying about the same tax rate as Romney. Now, I collect Social Security that I paid into for 38 years.

I was insulted by his comments.

Romney’s first explanation was that he wasn’t speaking “eloquently.” When polls showed his numbers dropping, he flip-fopped and said he was “wrong.”

Experience? Romney was an unexceptional one-term governor of Massachusetts. He braggs about his bipartisan relationship with the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts Legislature. He doesn’t mention that he signed 800 vetoes, and all but a few were overridden.

Romney is the worst presidential candidate I’ve seen in my life. Although I’m disappointed in Obama’s performance as president, an “empty suit” like Romney is no viable alternative.