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Do the job, don’t fight

October 13, 2012 Letters to the Editor

When are the Butler County commissioners going to grow up and do the job the taxpayers voted them into office to do?

So, there’s a little discord among the group; that’s to be expected.

But what is going on between the three commissioners is beyond discord.

What a fine example they are showing the people.

It’s obvious that Commissioners Dale Pinkerton and William McCarrier are out to stab Jim Eckstein in the back, every chance they get.

It’s clear to me that Pinkerton likes to see his picture and name in the newspaper.

It’s time to grow up or, next election, the taxpayers need to vote for new commissioners who will do for the taxpayers what needs to be done — without all of the fighting and backstabbing that now exists.

I’ll bet the taxpayers are sorry about the decisions they made when they voted last year.