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Many were wrong

October 12, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Orlando F. Pride III certainly wrote a pageful in the Oct. 7 edition of the Butler Eagle. I totally enjoyed the read.

Things do not take place in a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum.

As Pride’s letter so robustly points out, a singular action — deregulation — that President George W. Bush supposedly instituted did not happen in a vacuum to put our country in its current economic situation.

Many other actions and inactions by many others took place along a certain path to put our economy where it is today.

The same can be said for the infamous airline deregulation. President Ronald Reagan’s participation was 10 or 15 years along a path that brought us regrettable air travel we now “enjoy” in this country.

There is a big difference between being part of a like-minded group and being coerced to conform to one.

Good for Pride. He expressed very well my perception of reality.

I always hope our elections produce government that is able to correct and fix problems rather than exploit, manage and maintain a status quo.

There always will be those aiming the water hose of discouragement and conformity. There always will be those who gravitate to accepting pressure to conform.

Many times, those who do not conform are accused of being crazy or troublemakers. Eventually, I am confident, truth will prevail.

It always does.