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Appreciate volunteers

Recently, we had a kitchen fire at our home. An angel named Vivian and her family were customers at a local business on Route 8. She observed smoke coming out of the screen door of our home and drove by to verify her suspicions. She then called 911 and alerted a neighbor.
They made an attempt to see if anyone was home.
Unionville Fire Chief Greg Brewster was in the area and the first responder, prior to the fire department. He used his fire extinguisher to minimize the damage. The other volunteers did their duty as trained professionals.
When I arrived home, Mark Lauer, a member of the department and former chief, provided advice and made appropriate telephone calls, lessening the confusion.
Another consideration insignificant to some but monumental to us was the fact that our granddaughter’s caged 4-H show rabbits had been removed from the basement and were safely outside.
We encourage people to take time to thank and recognize volunteers. These people give freely of their time; in some cases, they give their lives.
We would like to publicly express appreciation to the Unionville Fire Department and the woman named Vivian for their involvement in saving our home.
Too often today, focus is on the negatives, not the positives such as unrecognized heroes.
These volunteers and/or strangers are willing to go the extra mile to help others.
We have made unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with Vivian and hope she will contact us.

Al and Jane Titley
Center Township
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