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Article published October 6, 2012

Letter not justified

GG Ronald P. Goebel
Cranberry Township

In September, I received a letter from the Butler County director of elections. It said that I either had submitted change-of-address information to the state Department of Transportation or to the U.S. Postal Service, or they had sent me correspondence that had been returned as undeliverable.
It further stated that I would have to verify my residence with them or sign a written affirmation when I attempted to vote, or my registration would be canceled.
The letter said that, as of the date of the letter, I had been placed on a list of inactive Butler County voters, even though I have lived at my current address since 1988 and have voted every year.
I called Shari Brewer, director of the elections office, and questioned the legitimacy of the letter. When she checked my file, she stated that none of the above had transpired and I should not have received the letter.
She said she did not know why I received it.
The letter was from her; her name was on the bottom of it. The buck stops with her. She should know what is going on in her office.
The only reason I can think of is that I am a registered Independent and perhaps Butler County is trying to purge its number of no-party registrations to narrow the field of voters.
How many letters were sent out to others, and to what party do those voters belong?