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Eckstein should resign


October 4, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I read the article in the Sept. 27 Butler Eagle about Itzi Meztli chastising Butler County Commissioner Jim Eckstein for childish, dysfunctional and irrational behavior at public meetings.

In January, the commissioners adopted Robert’s Rules of Order. Eckstein voted against that option, instead choosing a personal agenda of confusion, disrespect and chaos that has become his standard at every meeting. It has become evident to many that his ongoing rants show an uncontrollable urge for attention.

Eckstein’s behavior has resulted in numerous legal problems.

In positions like his, one needs to lead, follow or get out of the way. Eckstein has shown the public how he cannot do any of the above, so it’s time for him to move aside and resign.

Since being elected, he has accomplished nothing to justify his huge salary and unmonitored expenses.

Watch any meeting on Armstrong Cable and see what a side-show Eckstein puts on.

Once again, Eckstein has attacked the seasoned, successful and experienced county solicitor with wild accusations — just another female facing his targeted wrath of misguided accusations.

Why is that allowed to continue?

Butler County needs to quickly address Eckstein’s documented and damaging behavior and stop his irrational outbursts by publicly censuring him.

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