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Conclusion incorrect


January 21, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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David “Craig” Wise’s conclusion on Jan. 13 that society is “doomed” because of capitalism’s alleged excesses is incorrect and overflowing with false bromides long ago discredited.

No social system has ever (or can ever) rival the increase in the standard of living that is the direct result of capitalism. The 99 percent whom Wise argues for are immeasurably better off under capitalism, where a 1 percent can exist, than in a socialist republic like North Korea, where all are equally worse off.

However, no amount of arguing on the economic level can convince someone capitalism is the best social system, because the battle for capitalism rests on an entire philosophy.

Capitalism is the best social system because it is built on specific principles, one of which is that each human is an end in himself or herself and not the means to someone else’s goals.

We are not our brother’s keepers.

Until altruism is removed as a moral ideal and replaced with enlightened self-interest, I am afraid those like Wise will remain unchallenged.

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