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Change for liquor, mail


December 5, 2011 Letters to the Editor

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How beneficent the commissars of the state’s coercive liquor monopoly must believe themselves to be after granting Pennsylvania citizens the privilege of being able to order wine and liquor and have it delivered to their homes.

The fact that this development is being lauded in any way shows how antithetical the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is to freedom, individual rights and the free enterprise system. The restraint of trade exercised by the PLCB is unequivocally socialistic and has no place in this country (and especially not in the state in which Independence Hall is located).

Meanwhile, Washington Post columnist George Will is right to boldly advocate for the dismantling of the coercive government monopoly on mail delivery. Although constitutionally authorized, this system — which prohibits competition — is not consistent with free enterprise and, consequently, it is not surprising that it loses billions of dollars annually.

It is only because of its monopoly protection that the U.S. Postal Service is spared the fate of all other perennially loss-generating enterprises.

This socialist enterprise should be abandoned.

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