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Article published August 8, 2009


The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:
Paul Beyer and Hollie Ann Peters, both of Worth Township
James Koprivnikar and Christine Schreiner, both of Seven Fields
Benjamin Potter of Frazer Township, Allegheny County, and Allyson Notte of Cranberry Township
Thomas Kremin and Patricia Pitkins, both of Middlesex Township
Tyler Hempfling of Center Township and Aberia Hile of Allegheny Township
Chad Booher and Natalie Phillips, both of Ashburn, Va.
Kevin Wildrick and Erin Pile, both of Cranberry Township
David Carothers and Susan Bell, both of Ellwood City
Mark Brown and Natalie Dionisio, both of Cranberry Township
Ronnie Kirkpatrick and Michelle Vensel, both of Adams Township
Adam Roenigk and Cara Isanogle, both of Clinton Township
Jonathan Isaac and Kathyrn Zaludek, both of Twinsburg, Summit County, Ohio
Steven Brink of Allison Park and Andrea Pastorius of Pleasant Hills, Allegheny County
Leroy Bunyan and Charisse Hargreaves, both of Penn Township
Jordan Buterbaugh of Adams Township and Jessie Mangone of Arnold Township, Westmoreland County
Justinian Josephs and Laura Laskowski, both of West Deer
Robert Browne and Heather Fuhr, both of Butler
Richard Kuhn and Barbara Flick, both of Buffalo Township
Randall Donatelli and Alicia Boros, both of Lancaster
John Vogt and Pamela Stutler, both of Allegheny Township
Michael Lawson and Brooke Shirey, both of Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Anthony Grasso and Lora Gliptis, both of Cockneysville, Baltimore County, Maryland
Stephen Southworth and Lisa Kadunce, both of Jefferson Township
Brandon Williams and Michelle Frye of Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Michael Everetts and Julie Bester, both of Butler Township
David Hoak and Lynn Luntz, both of West Deer
Adam McGeeney and Amy Barnett, both of Connoquenessing
Christopher Pascuzzi of Adams Township and Erin Smith of Upper Burrell, Westmoreland County
Ryan Good and Lacy Sanoba, both of Oakland Township
Nicholas Stewart of Orlando, Orange County, Florida, and Melanie Nemcek of Winter Garden, Orange County, Florida
Steven Ladebu and Kate Creagh, both of Washington Township
Christopher Thomas of Neshannock, Lawrence County, and Krista Iman of Franklin Township
William Rapp of Connoquenessing and Maxine Jackson of Center Township
Benjamin Purvis and Paula Conley, both of Cranberry Township
Jason Colonello and Dana Spreng, both of Clinton Township
James Davis and Raelene Stewart, both of Cranberry Township
Eric Rice and Billie Jo Matthews, both of Forward Township
Joseph Heck of Richland Township, Allegheny County, and Lucy Fiscus of Cornplanter Township, Venango County
Derek Thompson and Lorretta Daugherty, both of Oakland Township
Brian Osburn and Audra Archer, both of Cranberry Township
Daniel Potts and Alexandra Steriopulos, both of Butler Township
Gary Smeltzer and Carol Menhorn, both of Summit Township
David Lindt and Stephanie Overly, both of Clay Township
Darrin Nichter of Center Township and Christine Lucas of Rimersburg, Clarion County
Brian Schaffer of Clay Township and Ashley Kennedy of Cherry Township
Joseph Klipa of Plum, Allegheny County and Jill Sarver-Monk of Prospect
Heath Lauster and Laura Hooker, both of Jefferson Township
Shawn Himes and Goldie Kassouf, both of Buffalo Township
Daniel Lang and Jennifer Hawkins, both of Plain Grove, Lawrence County
Keith Tagliaferri and Gina Oddi, both of Seven Fields
Scott Meiser of Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio, and Meghann Dunn of Butler Township
Craig Grunden and Danielle Evans, both of Adams Township
Micah Pavelek of Center Township and Keri Bookhamer of Renfrew
Richard Newman and Brenda Angioletti, both of Winfield Township
Steven Lange and Anna Bestwick, both of Slippery Rock
Brian Watterson and Renee Abbott, both of Penn Township
Russell Zoelle Jr. and Cassandra Matscherz, both of Harmony
Jeffrey Stewart and Lisa Campbell, both of Harmony
Landon Muir of Jefferson Township and Julia Kemper of Butler Township
Paul Williams and Rachelle Graft-Hall, both of Summit Township
Christopher Vecenie and Elizabeth Gorr, both of Cranberry Township
Wesley Woodward of Lancaster Township and Laura Scheirer of McCandless, Allegheny County
Toby Plaisted and Catherine Whitling, both of Butler
Joshua Pflugh and Emily Howard, both of Winfield Township
Daniel Hoadley and Alicia Hardt, both of Middlesex Township
Jason Toogood of Center Township and Diana Coyle of Butler
Brian Greenwalt of Jackson Township and Alyssa Baker of Cranberry Township
Joshua Monteleone and Megan Andring, both of Austin, Travis County, Texas
Royal Bliley of Muddycreek Township and Anne Mortimer of Toronto, Pa.
Stephen Buzard and Sara Kohler, both of Eau Claire
Andrew Siegfried of Seven Fields and Jennifer Mowry of Pittsburgh
Steven Miller and Amanda Mabold, both of Butler Township
Brian Fend and Jennifer Rodgers, both of Slippery Rock
David Masilunas and Shaylee Oleary, both of Richland Township, Allegheny County
Bryan Coles of Penn Township and Christina Baumgartel of Seven Fields
Vittorio Debacco and Sarah Ubry, both of Marion Township
Frank Bowser and Rose Ealy, both of Fairview
Richard Donnelly and Rebecca Lamneck, both of Cranberry Township
Justin McCollums and Ariel Forsythe, both of Summit Township
George Reffert and Angela Bowman, both of Butler Township
Alfred Spohn of Clearfield Township and Nancy Armbruster of Slippery Roc
Joseph Elliott of Oakland Township and Ellen Fisher of Butler Township
Joshua Beyer and Adalace Cahall, both of Cranberry Township
Joshua Tempalski and Nicole George, both of Middlesex Township
Joseph Martello and Kristy Nelson, both of Valencia
Edward Rodgers and Kristine Baker, both of Cranberry Township
Ronald Snow and Margaret Snyder, both of Fairview Township
Travis Sancers of Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, and Amanda Marquez of Edinburg, Hilago County, Texas
Craig Clark and Simone Castro, both of Franklin Township
Michael Beltrami and Jodi Stitt, both of Muddycreek Township
526 Ken Greider and Kelly Stowe, both of Leander, Williamson County, Texas
527 Leonard Boras and Nancy Brierley, both of Adams Township
528 Gregory Dutkovic and Gineen Jarnevich, both of Middlesex Township
Christopher Dietrich and Kelly Johnson, both of Franklin Township
Nathan Eakin and Rachel Pillar, both of Summit Township
Anthony Ganzter and Shannon Pameijer, both of Clinton Township
Charles Platt and Heather Grindle, both of Clay Township
Frederick Blackmar and Angela Nowicki, both of Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia
Joseph Heidkamp and April Collins, both of Cranberry Township
William Rearick of Summit Township and shelly Berbigler of Oakland Township
John McDivitt and Amanda Tetuan, both of Jefferson Township
Abie Abraham of Connoquenessing and Christine Wolf of Center Township
Matthew Ambrose of Sugarcreek Township, Armstrong County, and Amanda Benninger of Venango Township
Micah Mikus of New Kensington, Westmoreland County, and Elizabeth Thompson of Brady Township
Michael Olen and Amber Gregory, both of Center Township
Derrick Hoffer of Latrobe, Westmoreland County, and Joy Thompson of Butler
Steven Busching and Cynthia Tippens, both of Adams Township
Nicholas Vidonic and Julie Updegraff, both of Seabrook, Texas
James Kelley of Richland Township, Allegheny County, and Mary Simon of Mars
Ryan Janoski and Melissa Keener, both of Cranberry Township
Benjamin Follett and Amanda Bishop, both of Cranberry Township
Matthew Hagaman and Amanda Timblin, both of Summit Township
Applications for marriage licenses are accepted in the Butler County Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court office. For information on how to apply, call 724-284-5379.