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Mars candidate’s letter reckless misinterpretation of truth


November 15, 2019 Letters to the Editor

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In his “expose”on Nov. 10, Mr. Neurohr used the word “disingenuous” (which means; not straightforward, crafty), to describe Mars Area Republicans.

Well, isn’t that exactly the tactic used by him and his running mates during their attacks on our current board these past months?

These board members have carefully managed the necessary spending of tens of millions of dollars in construction and renovations costs preparing for the arrival here of families like his own. They have done so with one modest tax increase in about 10 years and elevated our school curriculum and performance to “Blue Ribbon” status.

Mars is a rural school district in transition, and our board has done a spectacular job in preparing for the future. There are many new families here like Mr. Neurohr’s. What he seems to miss is that our district is also made up of many multigenerational families.

My wife’s family goes back about 80 years, and our two boys were the third generation of her family to graduate from Mars. I have lived here for three decades not just a few years. I have come to known many of our board members in that time and worked with them in the past.

They are, individually and collectively, some of the finest people I have ever known. I would not condone any type of verbal abuse to any candidate or their family, but I will also not condone the reckless misinterpretation of the truth by someone seeking office.

Since before the primaries, the accusations of ineptitude and malfeasance launched at our board members by the candidates seeking change was shameful, and did not sit well with many longtime residents.

These attacks by the “Progressive Liberals” and their demands for change were ultimately their undoing on Election Day, not dirty politics.

John McManus, Middlesex Township

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