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Respect the deceased


July 20, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding “Small fire forces Young Funeral Home to move body” (July 15). I understand this is a story people would like to hear about but I found it very disrespectful that it was worthy of the front page with a large color photo.

This was a very hard day for this family and not only were they upset and stressed out due to the passing of their family member but they also had to deal with someone taking a picture while they move him to another location. Was a picture really needed to get the point across? This was the father of one of my friends and it was very upsetting to see that this was what you thought they would want to relive.

It was bad enough that the fire department had to move their trucks in front of the TV news van so they did not film it, but for some reason the Butler Eagle did not see anything wrong with it. I just wanted to make someone was aware that not the article but the photo was in very poor taste.

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