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July 20, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I was prepared to write a letter regarding the horrendous traffic conditions on Route 228 when the accident involving a school bus (“School bus wrecks into guide rail, left dangling off road,” July 13, Page 3) stopped traffic on all roads connecting Cranberry and Adams townships.

This ongoing traffic congestion allowed by all levels of government is of great concern; however, after seeing the front page of Friday’s Butler Eagle (Residents will fight sale of Roebling Acre”), the need for addressing the continued emphasis on development without concern for residents and infrastructure is even more urgent.

It appears in my Township and surrounding areas in Butler County, the current “residents” who support the community by paying taxes, shopping at local businesses and electing government officials are the least considered. And, to get the attention of those in charge in both local and municipal government, residents have to file a lawsuit. How pathetic.

Gone are the days when individuals could attend public meetings and public hearings, thinking and believing their voice would be heard and acted upon. What has happened? What has changed?

My heart breaks for the residents of the Green Acres housing development in Saxonburg. Most of them for many years thought the long-standing covenant left by the original owner, in honor of Roebling and his contributions to Saxonburg, would never be violated by development objectives.

I am appalled by the decision of the elected officials and the “professionals” who are all paid with our tax dollars.

In Adams Township we are watching trees being removed and the rural characteristics of the landscape being destroyed as the PRD (Planned Residential Development) dominates development. Here we find a man, George Aderhold, who decades ago, was way before his time in preserving and protecting the natural landscape of the community.

To the residents of Green Acres, please know you are not alone. Do not give up!

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