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Oppose vehicle fee


July 11, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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The Butler County commissioners are trying again to impose a $5 per vehicle tax upon the citizenry. It was voted on last year and was defeated, thanks to a commissioner who had his constituents’ interests at heart instead of their wallets.

I am asking everybody to call the commissioners and request that they not enact this tax. This tax only applies to people with vehicles in Butler County. What about people who don’t own a vehicle? Don’t they benefit from the same roads as well? Don’t they benefit from the emergency vehicles that travel these same roads?

With e-commerce, aren’t they benefiting from the delivery vehicles that bring their purchases to their door? This tax seems to be selective in whom it affects.

Once again, governments search for more ways to generate more revenue, not ways to cut costs.

I urge you to call the commissioners and express your displeasure at them reaching into your pocket.

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