Real Estate Transactions
January 11, 2017
Adams Pointe L.P. to PG Development Corp. at 204 Adams Pointe Blvd. 5 for $980,000.
NVR Inc. to Dustin and Amy McGrew at 236 Far View Lane for $388,790.
Brennan Builders Inc. to Dennis and Karen Steffanina at 4181 Lilly View Court for $448,495.
Brennan Builders Inc. to James and Kathleen Warda trustee at 4182 Lilly Vue Court for $488,335.
Leslie Road Assoc. LLC to S&A Homes Inc. at 120 Olivia Ave. for $91,813.
S&A Homes Inc. to Jason and Tiffany Collins at 136 Olivia Ave. for $437,733.
Bonnie Chappel to Office Horace Trumbauer LLC at Valencia Road for $135,000.
Sarah Arimoto Mercer et al. to Curtis and Lea Anne Raybuck at 130 Wynnview Lane for $260,000.
White Oak Springs United Presyterian Church to Chance and Chelsea Kelosky at 1085 Evans City Road for $158,500.
Christopher Lee Cinci to Nicole Lang at 296 Bellford Court for $130,500.
Park Place Marketing LLC to NVR Inc. at 197 Bucktail Lane for $95,182.
NVR Inc. to Beth and Francine Frynkewicz at 303 Courage Lane for $286,670.
Rockwell Cranberry LLC to Witzel Living Trust at Cranberry Woods Drive for $125,000.
Rockwell Cranberry LLC to Stephen Bert trustee and Marilyn Kay Lewis trustee at Cranberry Woods Drive for $150,000.
Rockwell Cranberry LLC to Ralph Herbert at Cranberry Woods Drive for $183,016.
SCI Development Co. Inc. to Kent and Colleen O’Neill at 116 Fairview Drive for $173,400.
James Fister to Jeffrey Robert and Jill Marie Meyer at 313 Hummingbird Circle for $264,600.
Barrington Homes Inc. to James Robert Long Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Long at 209 Meryton Lane for $155,000.
Suzanne Kay Telakis et al. to Gary Patrick Jackson and Cassondra Charney at 1266 Norberry Court 23 for $124,000.
Rajeev Sehgal to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. at 264 Strawberry Circle for $422,500.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Roger and Erica Difrangia at 264 Strawberry Circle for $384,900.
Frank Faust Jr. to Anthony and Jeanine Poleti at 824 Sunset Circle for $230,000.
Debra Jo Hall et al. to Stephen and Julie Raatz at 852 Sunset Circle for $238,500.
Lucy Bartee trustee to Richard Diamond II and Beverly Diamond at 558 Brownsdale Road for $30,000.
Reibold Assoc. Inc. to Maronda Homes Inc. at 148 Kruger Circle for $210,000.
Briana Fitzgerald to Thomas and Kathryn Bardol at 407 E. Beaver St. for $238,000.
Jackson Park Development Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Unknown Address for $74,117.
Estate of Eugene Carlson to J Scott Management at 114 Perry Highway for $184,000.
Walter Wojichowski to Dean Wack at Perry Highway for $17,000.
William Perry trustee to Susan Perry at 320 Perry Highway Route 19 for $161,500.
Gigliotti Holdings L.P. to NVR Inc. at Nightingale Drive for $94,900.
Patricia Scott Fignar et al. to Kathleen Dowd and Brendan Dusette at 19 Zelie Drive for $234,000.
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