August 20, 2014

Richardson Electric Thursday Ladies League
Standings: Oakmont 231, Pinehurst 225, Cypress & Pebble Beach 222, Merion 221, Bethpage 215, Shinnecock Hills 195, Augusta 193, Winged Foot 191, Pine Valley 185
Flight A: Linda Murrman (low gross-net 40-34), Karen Aloi (low putts 14)
Flight B: Mary Twentier (low gross 42), Cheri Weiland (low net-putts 41-14), Carolyn Cajka (low net 31)
Flight C: Laura Harrison (low gross-net-putts 47-32-15), Beth Grecco (low gross 47), Betsy Fox (low putts 15)
Flight D: Donna Stipp (low gross-net-putts 49-29-14)
Flight E: Cara Cross (low gross-net 54-32), Diane Cavalero (low putts 16)
Snack 'N Pack

Thursday Ladies League
Standings: Pretty Portabellos, Chick Filets, Hot and Honey Wings, Bruschetta Babes, Hot Bites, Sassy Sausages and Rajun Cajuns, Curly Fries.

Flight 1: Sue Weigle (low gross-net 43-30)
Flight 2: Bev Hesidenz (low gross-net 50-33)
Flight 3: Joyce Parenti (low gross-net 54-35), Kathleen Gardina (low net 35)
Flight 4: Diane Glasgow (low gross-net 56-28)
Flight 5: Janice Naidus (low gross net 62-32), Joann Kale (low net 32)
Low putts: Toni McCormick 13