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Changes needed

I think the people of Butler County will have a reason to celebrate when our three county commissioners finally leave office. And then those posts should be made part-time jobs.
We couldn’t do worse than the current crew, with constant spending and little return to taxpayers. There seems to be no sense of good government, but more a goal of enlarging government, with 10 new jobs. Nor was there any need for the large new building that includes a garage and an empty floor — nothing more than a legacy project built by Dale Pinkerton and Bill McCarrier to honor themselves.
And what about the $4 million the county gives Butler County Community College every year? College administrators act as though county taxpayers have no right to know how the money is spent. Beyond a laughable “audit,” there has never been a genuine accounting, while BC3 President Nick Neupauer pursues a regional, multi-county identity for the college.
This silliness would be bad enough, but to then say the county can’t afford to take care of its senior citizens as justification for the sale of Sunnyview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is appalling.
There have been too many problems with this board of commissioners: Limited time for public comments, Pinkerton inserting religion into the courthouse, the ridiculous spectacle of a sheriff’s deputy called to “guard” the floor where the commissioners’ offices are located, and all of Jim Eckstein’s antics.
What a mess.
It’s clear very few public officials in Butler County consider taxpayers much, if at all. I believe there are as many struggling families in Butler County as there are comfortable ones. Perhaps all elected officials, including school board members, should bring their grandiose ideas down to earth.

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