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Cranberry police warn of home theft scams

June 5, 2014 News Extra

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CRANBERRY TWP — Township police today are asking residents to be cautious after a resident on Peters Road on Wednesday reported men posing as utility workers attempting to gain access to a home.

Sgt. Chuck Mascellino this morning urged residents to remain vigilant about anyone attempting to gain access to a home.

Typically in these cases, he said, the suspects lure homeowners to the back of their home while other suspects enter in the front and steal items.

“These people are coming to homes wearing things like safety vests and hard hats and trying to get people to the back of the property,” Mascellino said. “While those people are distracted, other people are entering the homes and stealing valuables.”

The sergeant cautioned residents to ask these people to present company identification or for residents to call the company in question to ask about the workers.

Mascellino reiterated that this only has happened once in Cranberry, but it has been happening around the region more frequently.

He added, “It’s one of those things that seems to be targeting older people.”

He also urged anyone to immediately report suspicious activity to police.

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