Leo Club plans service project
Cranberry Eagle
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June 4, 2014

EVANS CITY — The new youth club is eager to complete a service project, and one member thinks he has found one that will benefit the environment.

Dylan Schroeder, a member of the Evans City Leo Club and a Seneca Valley High School junior, wants to clean up the old tires on a hillside near the entrance to the Evans City Cemetery off Franklin Road.

Schroeder noticed the tires one day while riding his bicycle. He later talked to the club president about his idea.

“He said if we can find a place to get rid of the tires, we should be good,” Schroeder said.

The young men rounded up someone to haul the tires, and they plan to talk with a tire dealer to see if the owner will reduce or eliminate the $8 per-tire disposal fee because the project is community service based.

Schroeder also called the Evans City Cemetery Association to have the project approved, and was told the group would welcome it.

“And if there’s more to be cleaned up (at the cemetery,) we’ll do it,” Schroeder said.

He does not know when the group would complete the cemetery project.

The club’s senior adviser, Robin Swank, said the Leo Club is the junior version of the borough’s Lions Club.

She said she is surprised and delighted at the civic motivation and enthusiasm for service projects demonstrated by the 18-member group.

“And they have the most amazing ideas and plans,” Swank said.

She was not surprised that she hadn’t yet heard of Schroeder’s cemetery tire cleanup idea, which must be approved by the entire membership at their Thursday meeting.

“They are a wonderful, motivated, committed group,” Swank said.

Schroeder said he joined the Leo Club for the same reasons he became a junior firefighter at the Evans City Volunteer Fire Department.

“I just like helping people,” Schroeder said. “I try to do it as much as I can.”

He said his father helps many families in his construction business, working with those who cannot afford the repairs they need.

“I guess it rubbed of on me,” Schroeder said.

He was happy to join a community service group that is youth centered, and hopes to complete many service projects with the club.

“It’s a good group of people,” Schroeder said of his fellow club members. “They mean well, and this is something we all want to do.”