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No, he doesn’t


May 24, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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I’ve been pondering the question, “What has Daryl Metcalfe done for the 12th District,” for the past several days.

His supporters tell me he’s done a lot for the taxpayers, but not one ever gave me a specific answer.

I have been a conservative Republican since the Goldwater era. Metcalfe is not what I consider a conservative Republican, even though he says he is.

I keep hearing he’s for less taxation. When I go to the gas station, I can assure you I am paying more in taxes for my gas. Metcalfe may have voted against the gas tax, but he didn’t get it done.

When the casinos were being voted on — this was when Jane Orie was still my senator and was against the casinos — Metcalfe indicated the school real estate taxes would be greatly reduced. When that didn’t happen to my school real estate taxes, I called both Orie’s office and Metcalfe’s offices. Both told me that since I live in a really good school district — Mars Area — I wouldn’t qualify for a reduction in the school taxes. Metcalfe didn’t get it done.

Metcalfe says he is for limited, more efficient government, but he also indicated in the past that he is for public servants serving for short periods of time. I do not believe 16 years is a short period.

I do believe, as I think Metcalfe does, that local officials should deal with their own problems. However, I believe that as a representative of the 12th District, he should work with the local officials in helping them get the funds needed for their particular projects and problems. I realize he is a representative of the State Legislature, but the 12th District should be his primary concern, not the problems of Philadelphia. Other districts have their own representatives, and they seem to do a fine job for their districts. Metcalfe is not getting this particular job done.

Metcalfe says he’s against grants and such, which is why he won’t help the 12th District compete for these types of things. However, the money that he will not help the 12th District get is going to other districts for their pet projects. Therefore, for one reason or another, we’re still paying for projects, but those projects are not in our district. Metcalfe is not getting the job done.

I am tired of being either misled or lied to by the politicians. Even politicians who enter office squeaky-clean get dirt on them, no matter what. This is one of the main reasons I favor term limits. No one political person would have too much power because that person would not be in office long enough to obtain that power.

The last Democrat I voted for was Milton Shapp (governor from 1971-1979), and what a mistake that was as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure if in this coming general election I will vote for the Democrat, Lisa Zucco, do a write-in vote or just leave the representative option blank. I do know that I won’t be voting for Metcalfe.

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