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Repairs on Westinghouse buildings set for 2015

May 13, 2014 News Extra

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CRANBERRY TWP — A spokeswoman with the Westinghouse Electric Co. said that renovations are expected to begin next spring on its headquarters, a project necessary after water began leaking in from windows during heavy rains.

Officials said late last week that the building’s owners, a company based out of Atlanta, will have to pay for the project, which will result in the facade of the building being completely replaced.

The complex, which has three main buildings and a fourth that is offset from the rest, is only five years old. The cosmetic problems are confined to the three buildings that make up the main complex, which is on the south side of Route 228.

Westinghouse leases the complex from Columbia Property Trust.

Spokeswoman Sheila Holt added that the project’s completion date “depends on the scope of the work,” and that design work is being done by architects.

She said that the project won’t cause major disruptions at the complex.

“The building remains a highly safe work environment,” she said. “We expect minimal disruption to employees during this process.”

Westinghouse moved to Cranberry in 2009 after construction was complete on the $200 million, 83-acre headquarters in the Cranberry Woods office park.

Two of the three buildings at the main complex are four floors, while the other building is five floors. The two buildings with four floors have slightly more than 200,000 square feet of space while the other building has more than half of that.

Westinghouse signed a 15-year lease for the buildings.

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