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Pa. lawmakers amend ‘In God We Trust’ posting bill

HARRISBURG — State lawmakers are amending a bill about posting “In God We Trust” in Pennsylvania school buildings to make it optional, but they’re rejecting a proposal to have the state cover legal costs if lawsuits result.
The House of Representatives voted today to apply the bill to charter schools and to have the secretary of education tell districts about the legislation.
Another change adds the Bill of Rights to the proposal. The bill is awaiting a final vote in the House, which could happen as early as next month, before it can be sent to the Senate.
An amendment to put the question to voters in a referendum failed by a 2-to-1 margin.
“In God We Trust,” which appears on American currency, became the country’s motto in 1956.
The Butler County Commissioners and Butler City Council both voted recently to put up plaques with the motto in their respective meeting rooms.

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