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Good Samaritans all


March 29, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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While traveling from Canada to the Kay Berry head office in Saxonburg, we were driving on Route 422 highway around 10:30 a.m. March 24 when we passed a vehicle in the right-hand lane and pulled back in.

A few seconds later, looking in my rear-view mirror, I noticed the same vehicle speeding up behind me, and when it got right beside us, I could see the panic in the driver’s face as she pointing directly at the front of our truck.

Not exactly sure what she was trying to communicate, I signaled and pulled to the side of the road. She also pulled off in front of us. When she got out of her dark blue vehicle and I got out of the truck, she informed us that the tire on the passenger side was falling off. And sure enough, it was on at least a 15-degree angle to the road.

She pulled out her cell phone and made a few calls to try and get us a tow truck.

In the meantime, Trooper Tucker stopped to make sure we were safe from the oncoming traffic and dispatched a tow truck for us.

I hugged the woman for saving our lives and she left. I did not get her name but wish I had. I know she is from Portersville.

A tow truck from JR’s Towing responded and loaded us on. It was one of the owners driving. He made a call to his mechanic who made room in his schedule to repair the truck.

Also on site, they own the Longhorn Corral. Kim was fabulous, the food delicious and also had rooms to stay in for the night. The mechanic stayed until 9 p.m. to fix the truck so we could continue on our journey. He also pointed out that one more mile on that tire the way it was, it would have come off. The cost to have it repaired was less than reasonable. They did not overcharge because we were Canadians in an unfamiliar area or take advantage of us.

They are wonderful people. Thank you for allowing us to cross paths with you.

We had plannd to travel from Canada to Butler that night before but stopped in Erie and continued the next day. If we had not stopped, surely we would not be here to send this letter. We would not have had this wonderful lady flag us down and had the assistance of all involved. Thank you for your hospitality, and God bless you all.

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